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Services - Drywall By Premier
  • Call(203) 942-6484

  • Hours8:00am - 5:00pm

  • Emaildrywallbypremier@sbcglobal.net


Metal Stud Framing

No longer just studs, tracks and headers. Drywall by Premier’s experienced team will provide you with code compliant metal stud framing from the basic walls and suspended gypsum board ceilings to the most intricate, detailed, curved soffit.



Insulation is a thermal product application to reduce heat loss or heat gain by providing a barrier between areas that are significantly different in temperature. The most common types of insulation we install are fiberglass batt, mineral wool, rigid foam, blown-in, and both open and closed-cell spray foam.


Drywall and Finishing

Our extensive knowledge and expertise in drywall construction is why we have been able to take a leading role in the construction industry.


Skim Coat (Level 5)

Skim coating is a technique that we use to make a wall or ceiling smooth. It helps to equalize the difference between the smooth joint compound on the drywall seams and the texture on any exposed face paper giving it a smooth plaster like finish. This is achieved by applying several thin layers of compound by troweling, rolling or spraying the joint compound over the drywall surface then smoothing. This technique is especially desirable in areas of critical lighting such as under skylights, in hallways with a light source that shines obliquely on the walls, as well as, rooms with large windows shining a lot of natural light onto the walls and ceilings.



Specializing in thin coat plaster, wire lathe, EIFS, and stucco in a variety of textured finishes.



Drywall by Premier uses only the highest quality products for every surface with paint: Benjamin Moore, Sherwin Williams, Ralph Lauren and more. We provide excellent craftsmanship at competitive prices, in addition to efficient and personalized customer service.


Acoustical & Specialty Ceilings

We offer a full range of services in the acoustical & specialty ceiling, and wall panels and ceiling panel installation. Our focus is on quality installations utilizing an ever changing field of products.

We install most brands and types of suspended acoustical ceilings and acoustical wall treatments including specialty metal ceilings, wood and wood-veneer ceilings, security ceilings, canopy and cloud ceilings, acoustical wall panels & acoustical sound treatments.


Water Damage Restoration

Restoring the sheetrock or plaster in your home or business to it’s pre-water damage condition.


Sound Walls and Ceilings

Do you have problems with noise next door? We specialize in creating sound walls and ceilings to reduce the noise level in your house, condo, store or commercial building by reducing sound transmission. There are many sound dampening products available on the market to increase your Sound Transmission Class (STC). What is STC? It’s a rating used to gauge the sound dampening created by these special products. Higher the STC rating, the better the sound-proofing environment. We use any combination of isolation hangers, isolation clips, rubber, multiple layers of drywall, QuietRock, QuietPutty and sound caulk to name a few. We can customize your Sound Wall or Sound Ceiling based on your individual needs.